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Hello there and Welcome to my imperfect world.   Starting over with a new and fresh blog is akin to moving into your first place, when you have nothing but a bean bag chair a television (no cable) and a giant wooden spool for a makeshift coffee table/ dining table!!   But over time I am sure it will become more “homey”.

My blog will probably seem very random to most.  I will be posting about all sorts of things.  Not just things that interest me, but things I find on the interwebs that stir up a reason to comment or rant about.   I hope to make you laugh, think, or maybe even cry at times.   Occasionally we all need a good cry, right?

Let’s see what can I tell you about me?

I am 48 years old, married (for the second time) to my best friend on this big blue rock!  We have 3 children ages 21, 14 and 11  and we have been married coming up on 3 years in October!!   How does that work you ask?  Well I had 3 kids and he has no biological children but he has been more of a dad to them than their own.   We also have a beautiful grand daughter who is almost 9 months old!!  We love her and I am sure you will see plenty of photos of all of them!

I am currently a stay at home mom, and my husband is a semi- retired Pharmacist.  (He still does some relief work for Costco).   I am sure you will notice in pictures and things that he is a bit older than I am (19 years) to be exact, but we have this connection that is just off the charts amazing and I just can’t imagine life without him in it!   He is my joy, my light, and my rock!!

We live in a small Amish town in Iowa and we love it here.  I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts and the hubs is originally from Lincoln, Illinois!  But, we find life here heavenly and I believe that we would enjoy living anywhere as long as we are together!!   (I know kinda sappy right?  but totally true).

I am a huge hockey fan, my favorite team is the Boston Bruins!  I enjoy watching Football as well.  (Go Patriots)  My interests and hobbies vary, I also enjoy quilting, crocheting, cooking, swimming, and spending time with friends and family.   I love to be crafty and creative when I can.  I also really enjoy planning parties.  We used to throw one big party a year between Thanksgiving and Christmas and many of our friends show up.  Some we only get to see that one time each year.  I planned our entire wedding and I got many compliments on it from our guests!   I have also been trying to learn to play guitar, my hubby bought me a guitar 2 years ago for my birthday and I just can never seem to find the time to teach myself.  My husband and I both like motorcycles and we both own Harley’s, (It was on my bucket list and he bought me one for Valentines day this year (2015).  *I have a trike and I haven’t learned to drive it yet, but I will this Spring (2015).*  

Life is too short to not try things that interest me.   Even if sometimes I get nervous and anxious about it.  I have created a bucket list and I cross things off as I go along, and even add some to it occasionally.

Again, Welcome to my crazy, imperfect world.  Grab a beverage and get comfy, I hope you come back often and please comment often as well, but keep it classy please.


7 thoughts on “About ME!!

  1. Hi! I’m glad I found your blog in the comments at Orthodox Sunflower! I’m also from New England (lived in MA and CT. Born in Newton) and I love ice hockey and the Patriots. I’m also a random daily life blogger at http://rainbowsandballerinas16.blogspot.com/ Please come and visit. I post about my life with my one year old daughter, marriage, Navy life, writing, art, books, and beauty. I’ll also be on Top Mommy Blogs soon. I was on it before, but I’ve started a new blog and they make you wait three months to join.

    Us daily life bloggers really have a special niche and should stick together!

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