Yoga Day 3 – Embrace

My 3rd day of the 30 day yoga camp I am doing is complete.  Today was a bit different as I didn’t do my yoga before noon like the past two days.  I got busy in the morning and early afternoon so it didn’t get done.   I actually had thought about skipping it today and just doing day 3 tomorrow.  But that isn’t how I want to start this whole journey.  I didn’t start this to skip a day and not move.  With some exercise programs they do say you should take a day of rest, but with yoga I don’t think a day of rest is needed.

Today’s mantra is Embrace!  Embracing this journey and how my body is changing even after only 3 days is easy for me at this point.  I love getting centered and feeling the shake of muscles as I learn a new pose.  I feel energized after I am done and I despite feeling sore when I wake up in the morning from working muscles I forgot I had, it feels good to feel that soreness.  Does that even make sense?

I embrace my journey to a more flexible and strong body.

I embrace the soreness of muscles learning to work again as they should.

I embrace the calm and quiet time I have when doing yoga.

I embrace myself for working hard each day and making positive changes to my body.

I embrace my commitment to becoming healthy and strong.

What do you embrace today?

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