Yoga-Day 2

Day 2 of the Yoga Camp Series  I am doing on YouTube is completed and I must say it was challenging.  What I love about this series and the amazing woman who puts these videos on to share for free with the world is just how good it makes you feel.  Despite not being able to do the full pose, she offers wonderful modifications and guides you through it gently.  She really makes me feel good about myself and where I am right now in my practice.  Yes I am only on day 2 but I can feel a difference already in how aware I am of my body alignment.  I was released from physical therapy yesterday after a few months of working to get things aligned again.  I really feel like Yoga is what will definitely help me to get stronger and allow me more focus.

Today’s mantra was “I Create”, after pondering on this mantra I came up with a list of what I am “creating”.

I am creating a stronger body.

I am creating a more peaceful mindset.

I am creating a healthier lifestyle.

I am creating the best version of myself.

I am creating a positive habit.

What will you create today?

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