Why I share pics of my food

I have been posting a lot of my meals lately on my social media sites.  Not to make people hungry or to boast but more so to be accountable to myself that I am indeed creating healthy meals.  I also hope to give others ideas on how to make things that are not just boring chicken and salad.  Changing the way we think about food and the way we eat is not easy after 49 years of up and down the scales and clothing sizes.  Sometimes feeling great, other times not so great.  More often than not feeling like a failure because I ate this or had a little too much of that (insert favorite junk food here).  

I finally have gotten tired of berating myself for having a 2nd glass of wine, or having some chocolate.  Before I started this journey I would gorge myself on the stuff I knew was not the healthiest options and I would tell myself, “Tomorrow I am back on track”.   How many of us have said those words?  I am sure if we took a poll there would be many of us.  Why must we beat ourselves up about food?   It’s food for goodness sakes, since when is consuming life sustaining nourishment something to be ashamed of?   This is why I have a blog, this is why I share my food choices and meals on my social media.  I want to debunk the negativity that food in general has received.   Why is it okay for a thin person to eat a big steak and whatever else?   Are overweight people only supposed to eat salads??

I write this post because I have thought a lot about the stigma that food and being overweight has.  I have lived in this stigma my entire life…..Until now!!

I love food!! 

There I said it…out loud!!  I won’t apologize for living life the way I see fit and neither should anyone else.  Be happy with yourself, love the person you are inside and out.  Be brave, be bold, show love and kindness and compassion just because it is the root of LOVE!

I share because my ultimate goal is for just one person to be encouraged, motivated, or inspired to make a positive change in their own lives that allows them to feel better physically, emotionally or spiritually.  

I share because I have started a new plan and gotten bored within a week and fell right back into the bad habits. 

I share because I know how difficult it can be to want to do better and have road blocks and negative people just waiting for you to fail, yet again. 

I share because life is busy and being a mom with kids still at home it is so hard to create healthful meals that kids will eat too. 

I share because I don’t want anyone to think they don’t have the skills to cook well.

I share because I struggle too at times and if I can help one person not struggle then I have put something good out there. 

**The featured image is of last nights dinner.  Shrimp cocktail, steak and saffron infused couscous with peas**


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