Mediterranean Chicken Pasta Salad

Good morning…I wanted to share this really quick, easy and super delicious pasta salad recipe!  I made this quick last night for supper since hubby was working and I didn’t want to risk waiting too late to eat.  (I tend to overeat when I wait too long)

I also wanted to share a secret with you about how I make some of my dishes super easy to throw together at a moments notice without sacrificing freshness and nutritional value.  I buy some things that are already cooked.  The chicken in this recipe is a Mediterranean seasoned chicken skewer that I got at Costco!  I buy a couple of packs of this stuff and keep it in the freezer especially for these types of meals.  Another trick to making this easy to just toss together is cooking up pasta and keeping it in the refrigerator in a baggie.  Since my family loves mac and cheese I cook a whole box and only use half of it for the mac and cheese (I augment it with chicken and broccoli so we don’t need to have all that pasta). Then the rest I store for pasta salads during the week.  With the weather getting nicer out I will be making more of this sort of dish with lots of fresh veggies to go with grilled meat or fish.

How did I make this a 21 Day Fix approved recipe?   Easy!  Keeping things simple, clean and pretty basic is how you can transform any recipe into a fix approved recipe.

Here is how it all added up –

1 yellow = pasta

1 1/2 green = chopped fresh veggies  (celery, peppers,onions,cucumber,tomato)

1 red = chicken

1 orange = Greek dressing  (I did use bottled dressing for this until I can perfect a homemade version).

That’s it…see how easy that was?   This would be great for lunch as well, and you can change up the seasonings, dressings and if I hadn’t already had my cheese for the day I would have put some Feta cheese on it!!

Try it out and let me know how you like it!!

I love comments so please leave a reply

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