Turkey Taco Salad

This delicious bowl of awesomeness is super easy and 21 day fix friendly.

Ground turkey is cooked up with black beans, fire roasted tomatoes and a little leftover corn and lots of yummy, smokey taco-ey goodness!   I make a pan of this and pack it up in baggies all measured out so it is easy to just grab, reheat and eat.   This makes having a good healthy and filling lunch so much easier.

When I assemble it I place 2 green containers (2 cups) chopped romaine lettuce into a bowl.  Top with (1 1/2 red) containers of reheated turkey taco meat and top with (1 blue)shredded cheddar cheese and a (1/2 of a red) container of 2% plain Greek yogurt and then taco hot sauce (FREE FOOD)!!

Simple, delicious and totally filling!  If you are wondering what Greek yogurt tastes like in comparison to sour cream, I have to say it is better than sour cream, and it is better for you!   I may never eat sour cream again!  🙂

Try this recipe next time you are craving tacos.  The crispy lettuce gives it great crunch and honestly with the little bit of corn in there it gives the taste of corn chips or corn tortillas without the extra calories and carbs.



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