My Journey on the 21 Day Fix

This Winter has been horrible for my weight and self esteem.  Between overeating and overindulging in wine and cocktails, not to mention not being very mobile since the beginning of January after tweaking my back.  Not once, but twice ending up in bed and back to physical therapy.  I had gained back quite a bit of the weight I had managed to keep off for quite a long time.   Now granted I never lost a lot of weight but the little I did take off before now helped me to be more comfortable and I was able to move better.

I got on the scale about 2 weeks ago and I was just flabbergasted with the number staring  back at me!   I was feeling sluggish and bloated.  Just not much motivation to do much of anything.  I felt as if I had almost given up.  But, I refuse to give up!!  I will not quit!

A friend from my youth and I reconnected on Facebook recently and she is a beach body coach.  She has told me how she loves the program and we talked on the phone about how it has helped her.  She thought it might help me as well.  I decided to try it out.  21 days is not a long time in the big scheme of things.  I surely can commit to 21 days!

This past Thursday March 10th, I began my journey to becoming healthier & stronger!

I will be sharing my journey here on my blog as well as recipes and meals I make not only for myself but for anyone else out there looking to feel better and be healthier.

Some people are familiar with the program and that it includes eating better and exercising.  Due to my back and still being in PT, I will be for this time focusing on my eating habits.  I will be doing some Yoga as well and I will track that journey as well.

There may be days when I feel crappy and days I am sailing through.  But I need a place where I can write about how I am feeling that day and what obstacles I am having to overcome.  I will create a tab at the top of the page where all the recipes and journal entries will be found!!  So please check back often and whatever journey to self improvement or discovery you might be on I wish you success!!



8 thoughts on “My Journey on the 21 Day Fix

  1. 21 Day Fix is a LIFE CHANGER!!!! Stick to the nutrition plan 100% to see the best results. My husband and I have lost a combined 100+lbs so far, it has changed our whole family for the better! 💜

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    1. That is awesome Erin!! How long have you been doing it? I plan to keep at it for sure. Thank you so much for commenting and reading my blog. I would love any tips or tricks. 🙂


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