A poem for my sister

**I wrote this poem originally August 11th,  2015 and I never published it.  I felt as if it was too morbid for me to post something like this when she was still with us.  Still fighting and praying for a miracle.  Well last Sunday October 23rd, my beautiful sister Tobi took her last breaths on this earth.  She is no longer in pain and cancer cannot touch her anymore!!  She is still the bravest woman I know.**


I love you, my little sister.

You are younger than me, but always seemed way wiser.

As kids we fussed and fought, but I always looked up to you.

I am older and always more cautious and timid.

You were always so brave and outgoing.

We grew up, matured and started families of our own.

We lived so many miles apart but, Our love always strong.

No matter how long in between talks you were always on my mind.

Wondering how you were and if you were happy.

Not only when you were sick and fighting this dreadful disease.

The one that will take you from us way too soon.

I am not ready to stop praying, wishing and hoping.

That you will be miraculously cured.

You are my baby sister, you shouldn’t have to hurt so much

You are too young and have too much to live for.

I hate knowing you are in so much pain everyday.

Despite the medications meant to keep it at bay.

I won’t let go, I want to wake from this nightmare.

Peace and no pain the end will bring.

I want you to know that forever and always, with every beat of my heart.

You will live on for infinity!!

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