School shopping day!!

Today I decided that I would drag the kids out and get their school clothes shopping over with.   I don’t know who is worse when it comes to shopping for more than one outfit, my 12 year old daughter or our 15 year old ADHD son!   Sure, they both want to look good and dress similar to their peers so as not to be made fun of.   Both kids are particular in things they like and don’t like.  Fit, fabric, tags, etc…all have to be a particular way.  (I can’t blame them because we are the same way)  My son is pretty easy if it is just him and I shopping or if he goes off with my hubby to shop like men!!  (I am not sure what that means, but it is something I heard them say once).   My daughter is pretty modest and she is very aware about the school rules for length of shorts, shirts that are low cut in the front, and even armholes have to be a certain way as to not show a bra strap or tank top that she wears over her bra and under everything she wears.  I should be happy that she is so conscientious but a few of the tops she rejected today were pretty modest.  She wears layers anyway and I hardly ever see her without a tank top over her bra and under a t-shirt.

Usually my hubby and I take the kids shopping together.  He takes the boy and I take the girl, and we meet up by the dressing rooms and have ourselves a good ole fashioned runway fashion show.   Okay, so maybe I exaggerated a bit.  Hubby and I sit and listen to them mumble and groan about how awful we are that we make them try everything on.  How they don’t even like these pants, shirts, tops, or bottoms.   Usually we end up just telling them that they won’t get anything if they can’t stop bitching and moaning about us trying to dress them decently for school.   Often times this works, but as they get older they tend to just mumble things that they think we don’t hear.  We try to laugh it off because we certainly don’t want to have to spend another day at the outlet mall or heaven forbid….the regular mall with a teen and tween in tow.

Today, I braved it alone.  I sent my son to the boys section since he knows what size he wears generally so he could have the freedom to pick out his own stuff.  While I monitored the girl child on her quest for fashion and fitting in.  I tell him to meet us back at the dressing rooms, which he does.  While he is off looking we make a general size estimate for the girl and since all clothing manufacturers have different sizing, we have to throw caution to the wind and hope on a wing and a prayer that something fits our daughter who has a particular way her pants have to fit and where the button and zipper are etc.

Annoying to say the least!

Now that they have gathered the items that they like it’s time to head back to the dressing rooms.   In the first store we went to Plato’s closet they just have the back corner with dressing rooms allowing 6 items at a time and a sweet and tolerant young lady working the counter unlocking doors and doling out tags with a number from 1-6 on it for each person.  My son shows up with 3 pairs of pants.  That’s it….nothing more….no shirts…no sweatpants…no gym shorts.  Just 3 pairs of jeans!!   (of which 2 actually fit him).  I try to get him to look for more shirts while his sister is in trying on her 18 different items we chose off the racks, a mixture of jeans, tops, and gym clothes.  (gym clothes for her consist of Yoga pant capri’s and t-shirts, she refuses to wear basketball shorts or regular shorts as one is too long and one she says is too short.)   With the boy done we waited patiently till the girl was done. We finally found jeans to fit her.  We paid for our items and left to hit one more store before we headed off to lunch with the hubs at Costco.  (he works there as a relief pharmacist)

Kohl’s, the second store had amazing sales and I could have shopped a lot longer.  I guess it was a blessing to our bank account that we had limited time before we needed to meet up to have lunch on hubby’s lunch break.   But, being someone who knows how to get in and out of a store quick and achieve the objective at hand, we found huge sales on men’s jeans and shirts. It took the boy longer to try on the clothes than it did to pick them out!

After a whirl wind few hours we are finally ready for school.


Is it bad that I am actually looking forward to having some time during the day without them here?   I shouldn’t complain too much as they are actually really good kids and this Summer has been pretty good.  I am not however looking forward to the getting up early 3 days a week to drive our son to his early band/ jazz band practices, but I think the payoff of having some time to ourselves even if we just want to take our motorcycles out for a ride while they are in school and be home before they get out is worth it.  I know they are old enough to be by themselves, but I am one of those moms who likes to be here when they get home from school, to greet them and hear about their day.

Next up is school supplies and I order those on so that will be easy enough.  I have had enough being out in crowded stores for a while.

Are your ready for school to start?

How do you make shopping for clothes and supplies easier?

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