Back from vacation and it feels so good!

We arrived home yesterday afternoon and what a wonderful thing it is to come HOME!!

Just the smell of our own house brought me massive amounts of peace, serenity, and joy!!

I will write about all our vacation happenings and share photos soon.  We are still putting away last minute items all while trying to get back to the ‘real world’.  Which isn’t easy when you spend 10 days in a hotel, with someone bringing you clean towels, making your bed, and never having to cook a meal because of all the fabulous local cuisine you want to share with your family.   Not to mention my family and friends inviting us over for cookouts laden with every kind of grilled meat you can think of.   The salads….yes all the salads were amazing too!!

I don’t know about you, but I truly believe we become more grateful for our own space and being amongst our own things when we go on a vacation away from home.   I know for me I feel so very blessed to have a house that we love and enjoy being in and our neighborhood is quiet and almost calming.

We visited the big city on our trip.  Boston!   Although Boston is not big in size it sure seems so much bigger because of all the people who live there.  So many people all over the place, if you moved too quickly you are surely going to bump into someone.  All the hustle and bustle used to be my life back when I was younger and I never thought twice about just how loud it is there. Until I moved away to the Midwest.

Where I live now there is a serene peace about just listening to the breeze blow through the trees.  The sounds of birds chirping as they fly overhead.  Even the buzzing of flies is loud where I live now.  Until, you go some place where the sound of people, cars, sirens, and the low level hum of electricity powering millions of homes and businesses in a small geographic area overpowers even the sound of the wind that you can physically feel caressing your skin but you cannot actually hear it.

So for now, I will leave you with that to ponder.

I have many posts in my heart and head and I will be working on getting those out and formed into sentences that are coherent and hopefully you will enjoy reading them.

Till then I am happy to be home!!!   🙂

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