4th of July!

Yesterday was Independence Day here in the good old USA!   (for those that aren’t from here).  Also known as the 4th of July!   Many towns do fireworks and parades and it is a special time to gather together with friends and family and celebrate the freedoms we have in our great country!

My family isn’t big, but we always have fun just being together.  My husband and I aren’t much for big crowds of people and sitting outside on the grass with the bugs and stuff.  Not that I have anything against that, but it just feels so overdone.  Especially at our age we have done it since we were young and we did it with our kids when they were a bit younger, but I always find that just hanging out at home, cooking a yummy meal, turning on some music and hopping in the pool (especially on the Summer holidays) is just enough for us.  I used to be envious of families that load up the car and drive to another town and sit for hours on end on a blanket in the grass waiting for the sun to set so they can watch fireworks.  (We too have done that).  But, with the way things have de-volved in the past several years there are so many rules for setting out on a trek such as this.  Lots of places don’t allow you to bring your own food or drinks in, so basically you are at the mercy of the vendors or stores who charge an arm and a leg for a measly bottle of water.  Then there is the bathroom issue….I have peed in outhouses, and even out in the woods before.  Not saying I can’t do it, I prefer not to honestly.   I am a creature of comfort.  I like being someplace with indoor plumbing where I know who has sat on the seat before me.   Call me a prude or whatever you want, I just enjoy being in my own space.   Plus, I don’t like to be around so many people all at one time.  I am not anti-social, just don’t tolerate idiotic behavior.  I don’t care how upscale a place you go to, there are bound to be idiots!!

I want to clarify when I said de-volved because when I was younger there didn’t seem to be as many dangers as there are now.  Perhaps it is because I am a parent and a grandparent now.  I worry and I am protective of my family.  When I was a kid I felt much safer out in the world.  I know that many of the things that happen now, happened back then.  Kidnappings, murder, accidents and random acts of violence just to name a few.  I guess I just feel they are more and more prevalent in our world today, especially with major terrorist activity etc.

Now don’t go thinking I am some crazed hermit who lives in seclusion, because that is not the case at all.  I have gotten to a point in my life where what I have here at home is ENOUGH for me.  I am blessed beyond measure to have a wonderful and amazing husband and my kids are pretty darn great too.  (even when they are “just being teenagers” and driving me nuts I still think they are great)!!  There were many traditions growing up that I enjoyed but, I don’t live there anymore and since I am not originally from this area and I have tried many of the local activities since I moved here.  None have really jumped out at me to say, “This has to be something I do every year!”  

So, instead we stay home and avoid the crowds.

Oldest daughter with our granddaughter and hubby on his float.
Oldest daughter with our granddaughter and hubby on his float.

We can safely have any beverages we want without paying a high price for them.

Papa has a beer while our granddaughter enjoys a cool sippy of water!
Papa has a beer while our granddaughter enjoys a cool sippy of water!

At the end of the day we can just relax in our own beds and not have to fight traffic to get home!!

Crashed out after a morning of sun and heat watching the parade!!
Crashed out after a morning of sun and heat watching the parade!!

I love our house, and the neighborhood it sits in.  We have nice neighbors who aren’t crazy and bothersome. (Actually we are probably the loudest people on the block).  *sorry neighbors*!  We have a pool that we really enjoy spending time in. (Besides, why would you buy a pool and then go someplace else?)   We also enjoy entertaining and having people over.  I think we are making some great memories with our kids.  We try to treat every day as if it were a chance to make a memory.  Isn’t that how it should be?

What do you do on these “big” holidays?  Are there traditions you continue from childhood?  Feel free to share in the comments below!! 🙂



4 thoughts on “4th of July!

  1. I’ve got 2 girls, a three year old and a one year old. We go see fireworks every year, but my oldest is still terrified of them. She hates loud noises! But we would like to start having more family tradition other than just fireworks! Maybe start having a cookout next year. We have a small family too so it will be easy 🙂

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    1. The rest of my family lives a minimum of 1000 miles away so we enjoy being just us when we celebrate. The little ones don’t seem to like the loud noises much. I often feel bad that I just can’t do the big crowds and stuff. But my kids who are 21,15 and almost 12 always try to reassure me that they love just hanging with us!! 🙂

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