Sunday Morning Observations


As the rain gently falls from the sky onto the newly green grass and the birds sing their early morning songs outside my window.  I am reminded of the beauty of nature and how all the creatures, plants and people on this big blue rock are creating a symphony right before our eyes.

I think about my family and friends who all live many, many miles from me.  I think about what their morning view is right now. Are they too are hearing or seeing a similar picture outside of their windows?

A rabbit hops underneath the pines, stopping at the base of each tree cautiously looking around and smelling the air before he scampers back in the direction he came from.  Did he hear something?  Did his sense of smell warn him not to go further but to turn back cautiously and retreat?   We may never know, but his instinct told him it was unsafe.


The sky is darker in some spots, but there are also bright patches where it is as if sunlight is gently pushing it’s way through the darkness.   The light always seems to win against the dark, but sometimes it is quite a struggle.  The darkness is loud and boisterous, screaming at the light to move out of it’s way.  Still, the light just keeps shining, steady and safe as if it is a mother waiting for her child to finish their tantrum and return to her from their rage.

The rain has nourished the flowers and they begin to open and bloom.  Showing off their vibrant color and standing tall and strong because their roots have been filled up with the life giving water they need to survive and thrive.


The house is quiet.  Everyone is still asleep as I sit and marvel at the beauty and wonder of nature just outside my window.   Perhaps it is because today is Sunday, the day of rest for most.  A day when we slow down our lives and take notice of things around us.  I wish we all could slow down everyday and marvel at the wonders around us and really see the beauty in all things.

The rain has stopped, yet the clouds are still present.  As it is in our lives there will always be cloudy days, but I take solace in knowing that the light, despite how quiet and calm it is, it is always there waiting to shine through.  It holds on patiently waiting for the darkness to take leave so that it may shine upon everything once again and nourish the living things below.

wpid-20150419_092038.jpg  Don’t fret over the dark clouds.  Hang on  through their noise and grandiose behavior.  The light and sun will shine down brightly again.  Just know it is always right there behind the clouds, patiently waiting to wrap itself around you once again and make things better.


(I wrote this today as an homage to all who suffer from disease, despair, worry and depression. Mostly for my sister who has been fighting so hard against the evil dark cloud of cancer.  She has been through so much already and there have been dark and stormy days, but there have been bright and sunny days too.  She has a big fight ahead as she will start chemo soon and will have to be hospitalized for the treatments.  I know so many who are fighting and I hope that they all will be healed so that the dark days are just a memory and the sun shines on them for the rest of their lives).      

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