On the 7th day she rested

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I  dubbed yesterday “Mom day”.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that after a long week of taking care of my granddaughter, who I love dearly and most days really enjoy taking care of her (with the exception of the days when she refuses to nap or be put down), and with taking care of my amazing husband who has been in bed for close to 2 weeks with a leg injury, as well as getting up at 5 am everyday to get kids up and off to school for their early band practices and all the other household and shopping duties I am officially tired!!   My husband helps out so much around the house and with the kids, I am not used to doing what I do and what he does.  Even though there are many things that just cannot be done since I cannot do them due to my physical limitations.

I got very frustrated this past week when every time I had a blog post idea something came up or I got my laptop set up and ready to write and the baby woke up from the briefest of naps.  I wanted to read some other blogs and even simply taking a shower was put off a couple of times because I did ALL the other things and was just too tired to even take care of myself.

Now don’t get me wrong here….I love that I am able to stay home and take care of my house, kids, husband and granddaughter.   Sometimes I just need a break.  We all need a break occasionally.   We are not machines.    I may be part of a minority where I don’t have the desire to go someplace else to be “alone”.  I actually love being around my family.  I just would like some help from the able bodied peeps in my house.   Honestly they do help somewhat, but often times nothing is done completely.  I end up finishing what they started out of frustration.

You see, I am a neat freak,  I always have been and I can’t help it.  I enjoy having my house be tidy and for the most part cleaned up at all times.   Now I am not saying that my house is pristine and sterile.  But, I do try to pick up after myself (and everyone else).   I stash dirty dishes in the dishwasher after they are rinsed.  I wipe the counters off after I spill something.   If I take something out I put it away when I am done with it.  To me it just makes sense.   I am sure I have been called names or been chastised behind my back for my desire to be tidy.   I do not however impose my values of a neat home on others.  I accept everyone’s cleaning or not cleaning style.  To each his/her own, as they say.   I am not perfect, I have plants that need watering and laundry piled in the basement just to name a couple of things.  I don’t dust nearly enough.   My dresser drawers are definitely not organized but there aren’t clothes hanging out and my motto has always been that as long as the common areas that company can see are neat, I don’t sweat the rest.

So yesterday I took the day off to just do whatever I want.   I enjoyed some quiet coloring and coffee by myself in the peace of the sun room while I watch the birds peck at seed from the feeders.   🙂  I also took a long, luxurious shower.  (I wish we had a nice bathtub because I would have soaked in there with a glass of wine and some music).  I also got to watch an entire Bruins hockey game on TV and they WON!!!   Dinner was easy to heat up stuff and then back to snuggling with the hubs while we watched the Oscars!

Do you find time for yourself on a regular basis?   What kind of things do you like to do?

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15 thoughts on “On the 7th day she rested

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! ❤ I agree and I am making strides to try and carve out a little time each day. Even if I have to get up before everyone else to do it. 🙂


    1. I too cherish my quiet time, and usually in the evenings is the time when the hubs and I spend catching up on things and just snuggling. I got used to having time during the day when the kids were at school and hubs was either working or puttering around the house and yard. I just think I am so focused on everyone else that I forget that I need time too. Then I melt down….not good for anyone for me to do that. So now I have to work at taking the time for myself. Thanks for reading and commenting!! It really means a lot! ❤


  1. I usually find mine own time at night, like right now. Since my day is full of cleaning, home schooling and other house hold stuffs, I like my nights. (Although I would really appreciate them more if the pain would stop and the insomnia would Shut up! LOL) We have family t.v. nights, like tonight…we all pile in my bed and watch the shows we all love. Tonight was Sleepy Hollow’s season finale. 😉 I love my family, but as you said, we all need our own time. 🙂

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    1. We do those things too with family movies or shows. I love family time, but during the day when the kids are not here is when I had planned on writing and stuff so that I wouldn’t cut in to family time. You are one busy momma!! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting! ❤

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  2. I feel you on the clean house. I find it much easier to relax in a nice, clean house. I wish my able bodied boys would help more. Lol I over did it yesterday so my back is out. It will be a cleaning while rolling in my office chair day. Did I meant ion school has been out here for 7 days…….yeah

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    1. Oh no..you poor thing. I totally know what it is like to have a bad back and still have to do all the things. HUGS for you sweetie. I have been better at letting my kids help with stuff and not going back over it after they did it. I hope they go back to school soon, snow days are the worst!!


    1. I don’t usually get whole days either…but this time I took one. Hope someday soon you can have a day to yourself to recharge and do whatever YOU want. Until then, enjoy the moments or hours. 🙂 HUGS


  3. I used to be neat. Then things got crazy and stuff piled up, and now we live in chaos. One day I will find the time to get rid of all the clothes no longer worn so the clothes I do wear can fit into the closet. I am used to doing almost everything, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Housework fall to the wayside. The husband complains, but he doesn’t do much about it, so now it’s a stalemate. I keep thinking eventually he will give in and clean something, but I am still waiting. Everyone needs a break. I am horrible at giving myself a break. And then, when I do get one, I usually don’t know what to do with myself. I get great blog ideas all the time, but by the time I am in front of a computer with time to write, every idea has left my head.

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    1. I think it is so hard to be the only one doing anything. I have been there with no help, doing it all alone as well. It sucks! Taking even a short break occasionally can really help. You deserve it! All humans whether they are a mom or not deserve a break and time to do whatever your heart desires. As for the blog ideas, I have found a way to not lose the idea or premise. I always have my phone with me. Sometimes I make a voice recording of the idea and other times I just make a running list with a note app on my phone. It does help, and when I feel blocked I can visit those notes and remember it so I can write about it. HUGS and thanks for reading and commenting!! 🙂


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