The Amazing Fluffernutter

All is quiet here in my kitchen.  I am hoping it lasts long enough for me to eat a quick Fluffernutter sandwich.  For those who do not know what a “Fluffernutter” is let me tell you, it is an amazing mouthful of deliciousness.   Plain and simple, but packed with flavor beyond belief.   I am from the East coast originally, not too far from Boston and back there as a kid, these sandwiches are what we ate, a lot!  When I went to look for a picture to put in this post (because frankly, I didn’t want to risk waking the baby to get my camera), I discovered that in the city I was born and raised in this wonderful concoction is celebrated so much it actually has it’s own Festival!!   What is odd is that I hadn’t heard about it until now.  There is much history behind this beloved sandwich and if you care to read about it I am including a link to Wikipedia HERE.   Check it out, it has some interesting facts about Fluff and the history of the Fluffernutter!!

This is the stuff called FLUFF

The recipe for a  Fluffernutter as I remember it is;

2 slices of white, Wonder bread,  peanut butter on one half,(as much as you desire, and you get to choose creamy or chunky – I prefer chunky).  On the other slice of bread carefully spread some Fluff, (also as much as you like as everyone’s tastes are different).  Put both sides together and enjoy!!


Take small bites….savor it…..Mmmmmm….. let the Fluff get warm and melt a little……..can you feel it sliding over your tongue?  Now chew the sandwich and move the warm marshmallow creme around the peanut butter, and as it mixes together it changes into a whole new flavor profile.

Good right?!!  Didn’t I tell you it was amazing?  *fanning self*   Okay I better finish this post before I need a damn cigarette!!  (I haven’t smoked in 22 yrs…LOL)

So anyway, I have had a crazy day with the granddaughter, she is fighting nap time and the latest thing that I love so much….NOT!!!  Is the temper tantrum….what a joy dealing with one of these from this strong-minded, stubborn little 8 month old!!    Hence the fact that I am celebrating with a Fluffernutter while she is finally sleeping!!

Sure, I could have taken a shower but, I can do that later when I can actually take my time!!    I must say as I hear her stirring in the other room this was great while it lasted!   I got to eat my entire sandwich without interruption,  and I am now once again at peace, ready to go change a diaper and fix a snack for my angel princess granddaughter!  🙂


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4 thoughts on “The Amazing Fluffernutter

  1. I moved to CA from Boston and nobody know what a fluffernutter is and it makes me sad. My mom always used to keep a giant tub of fluff in the house growing up- I bet she still does! ha! Thanks for the smile!


    1. Awww…don’t be sad!! We always had a tub of it too. I need to have my mom send me some since my kids enjoy it too and we are now officially out of Fluff!! Thanks for reading!! ❤


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