Am I now a Biker Mama??

Over the weekend the hubs and I took a ride to one of our favorite places, the local Harley Davidson store!!   I know that sounds weird doesn’t it?  But it is so true.  He has been itching to get a motorcycle again for quite awhile and early this past Fall he saw a Honda Gold Wing for sale in the town we used to live in.   We drove by one day to take a look at it and he was in love.  I could actually see it in his eyes.  Fortunately he knew the guy selling it so he called him up during our ride home and made the deal.  Within 24 hours he owned a motorcycle.  It was crazy in a way, but hey it made him happy and what more could I ask for.   He had that bike for literally less than a month when one day we stopped in just to see what kind of bikes Harley had to offer.  We met a great young salesman who asked lots of questions about hubby’s experiences with motorcycles in general and also with Harley’s.   He showed him a couple of bikes and he sat on one and asked me to hop on back to make sure it would be roomy and comfortable for the two of us to be on it.  While sitting on that bike our salesman pointed out a great looking bike that was the same as we were sitting on, but had custom paint that was definitely more hubby’s style.   Plus the fact that it was the previous years model albeit brand new hubby bartered and traded in the Honda he just bought for a brand new Harley!!


This is him the day he bought and brought home his brand new Harley!!

Then after riding until it was too cold to ride anymore we had been discussing how it has always been a dream of mine to learn to drive a motorcycle not just be a passenger.   Not knowing the difference between the many models and styles of motorcycles we took our questions to our trusty Harley sales team.   Our usual salesman was there and when we told him what we were there for, he was more than happy to help me find the right fit for my needs.   I sat on many bikes that day, enjoying how they all felt, some more than others.  Feeling that weight as you lift it off the kick stand just to stand it up straight was a rush.   I felt powerful, I felt excited and I must admit a bit intimidated as well.   Fear also snuck it’s way into my brain as I worried if I was strong enough to be able to balance any of these bikes.   When we spotted a 3 wheeled motorcycle or what they call a “Trike” I was curious and honestly quite excited.   Hubby and I had talked awhile back about possibly getting trikes since they looked fun.   But since he got his motorcycle we hadn’t really talked trike anymore.

I sat on this trike, which I found out later that had just arrived that day and it was a brand new model for Harley.  Just released this year.  They only had one and had been expecting it for some time now.   I sat on it and I think I fell in love right then and there.  No balancing or having to be strong enough to hold up the massive weight.   I was relieved and excited.  After hearing how amazing these were and finding out that there was someone else who was going to be coming in to look at this particular bike we decided to give them a  check to hold it until the next day so we could have time to think hard about it and not risk losing the one bike that was meant to be for me.

We went back the next day and our sales guy told us that they had been having a hard time keeping people from touching it and sitting on it, because it was slated to be mine they don’t allow anyone else to sit on it or touch it without our permission.  I think that is pretty high class of them to do that even though we hadn’t actually gone through with all the paperwork yet.   We even had another salesman come up to us and ask on behalf of the customer he was working with to go over and sit on it just once.   I think that is just so cool that they respect their customers enough to do that.

10302226_10152491654617260_2464040083620162908_n 10917813_10152491654502260_8989743721911270750_n

Needless to say….I now own a Harley!!   In the above pictures (L) my son and I ringing the bell!!  Every person who buys a motorcycle gets to ring the bell and everyone who is in the store stops and cheers for you!   It is pretty neat actually.   Then your salesman goes over every part of the bike and it’s functions and operations.  I love that they take the time to do all of this.  They are always available to answer a question and if they do not know they find out for you.   When you are done learning about it, you get your photo taken with your new bike.  (the pic on the right is me with my new bike  trike)

Needless to say I am anxious for Spring to get here and the threat of snow and super cold temps to go away so I can learn to ride my new trike!!   Hubs and I can’t wait to be able to take the kids for day trips and just do some riding together this Summer.   🙂

Now that I have tattoos and a Harley, does that make me a Biker mama??    😉

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