My son wants to do what……??

This morning as we were sitting here my son out of the blue asks, “Would it be possible for me to start a blog?”   I asked what he would blog about to which he replies, “Well, my life and stuff that happens in my life everyday.”   I asked if he had a name picked out yet and off the top of his head he said, “This little life of mine”.   To which hubby and I were quite impressed at how quickly he came up with a catchy title for his blog already.  (I think he may have been thinking about this before now).  😉

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So I asked him if he would be against me helping him to get it started since I was more familiar with the hosting site etc….   I was shocked when he said he would accept my help.  You see, my son is 14 and he has ADHD.  He has been in counseling to help him understand his symptoms and to learn to overcome anxiety that he has had since a youngster.  Most of that anxiety produced by my ex husband who rarely praised him without putting him down all in the same breath, which did wonders for his self esteem and self worth as you might guess.    He has come  a long way and has overcome many challenges despite it all.   He is very bright and does well in school when he is challenged and interested in the subject.  I am no expert but I imagine it to be true for most ADHD folks.  

*My hubby has ADHD as well so he has told me that many of the struggles Ryan has are very similar to the ones he has had to overcome*

I am super proud of my son and the young man he is becoming.  He is so talented musically too.  He is a percussionist and loves to sing.  He has just always had a natural ‘beat’ going since he was little. He drums his hands, or hums or sings pretty much constantly.   He also has a passion for football, which he played tackle football in 5th grade.  He is quite accident prone and has had many injuries from playing.

His dream (as he has told us) is to be a musician and video game designer.  He is also very much into video games….pretty much addicted to them.  If we didn’t monitor his time he would sit for days on end just fixated on the screen.   I believe he can do anything he sets his mind to and only hope that we give him as much support, encouragement and love he needs to be confident and successful in whatever he chooses to do when he is grown.

We love him dearly and we are proud of him no matter what!!

Here is the LINK to his blog ThisLittleImperfectLifeOfMine.

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