Bunker Punks Tour

Bunker Punks Tour

I belong to a great group of bloggers and page admins over on Facebook called “The Original Bunker Punks”.   When one of the founders Jenny suggested a blog tour I felt excited to get my work out there more, but also nervous at the same time.  See I have always had trouble feeling like I fit in.   This group of amazing writers/bloggers and frankly hilariously ‘real’ people who write from their heart makes me feel as if I belong.

The Bunker Punk Blog Tour is on, and we were all given the same five questions to answer, so without further adieu here are my answers!

1. What is your most prized possession?

I have many things that I cherish and would never want to get rid of just because of the memories they hold.  Physical items that bring me right back to the specific time and place where it became clear that this was something ‘special’.   One of those things is my engagement/wedding rings.  (I say one because they have been soldered together).  They signify one of the best days of my life.  The day I became J.R.’s wife!!  It was a new beginning for both of us after our past miserable marriages.   We picked out the setting together and I feel lost and naked if it isn’t on my finger.


2. How do you unwind after a long day?

When I have had a particularly long and stressful/tiring day I tend to head for our bedroom where hubby and I just kick back, close the door and turn on the TV and watch re-runs of “Big Bang Theory”, or some cooking show on Food Network.  It is pretty mindless and even if we just talk we don’t feel like we are missing out on anything in the show.  My hubby calms me and always helps me feel better, especially if my day has been shitty!!

3. Name one song that followed you through life?

This is a hard one…So many songs mean things to me.  I remember being in high school and my female peers dating people and proclaiming some song as “their song”.   I didn’t date in high school (because nobody asked me).   Even with my first husband we never had a song.  With J.R. everything is different and he was the one who played this song for me and dedicated it to us.   It is a song that played for our first dance when we became husband and wife.  Every time I hear it I feel an extra swell of love in my heart.  The song is “I wanna make you close your eyes” by Dierks Bentley

4. If you could give one piece of advice to new bloggers in your field, what would it be?

My advice is what other bloggers who are much more experienced gave to me when I started out not so very long ago.   Be yourself and write from your heart!!   Don’t try to write for someone else because you come off as fake and nobody likes fake.

5. A quote from me.

“Do what makes you happy even if it doesn’t put you at the cool kids table, at least you are being real.” –  Melissa Fikuart

Check out the other Bunker Punk Blogs by clicking on the badge on the sidebar!!  They are all so talented and amazing and I am grateful to be part of the group.   (Makes me feel like I am sitting at the cool kids table).  🙂


6 thoughts on “Bunker Punks Tour

  1. Oh I loved your bunker post so much! Like Papa said you’re love story is so inspiring and I get goosebumps when you share it! I’m going to listen to your song right after I post this. You have an awesome quote to honey, I base my life on this very fact. 😊❤️


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