Date Night!

Date night!!

I am sure all parents love these two words!  They may mean something slightly or totally different for individual families.  For instance some parents might pay a sitter or have a relative that will come and stay with the kids for a few hours one evening every so often so that the parents can go to dinner someplace nice where chicken nuggets are not on the menu.  Others may get together with other couples for a game night or several families do a babysitting swap.  Since we don’t have any family that lives anywhere near us, we have often opted for a ‘Date Night In’.

Our children are 21, 14, and 11.  Our oldest has her own place just a couple of blocks from our house.  We are blessed that she is a single mom who doesn’t care to party or be crazy.   So, since I babysit our granddaughter while she works during the week, every so often she will take our kids overnight at her place or she will come here so we can go out.  This weekend was one of those times.

It sure was nice to have a quiet house totally to ourselves.  We fixed a simple supper of shrimp cocktail and some champagne.  We had a little chocolate for dessert and just reveled in the quiet.  No kids bickering about this or that.   No telling one or the other to get back in their beds.  It gives us a chance to just be a couple and I believe it helps to keep our marriage stronger if we are allowed time alone together.   We make time during the week after the kids go to bed to just sit and relax with music or even just watching mindless TV.

We watched TV in bed, relaxed and peaceful!   Morning was just as good if not better.  Waking up when we woke up on our own, not because kids were fighting over whatever the annoyance from one to the other was for that moment.  We leisurely sipped coffee and had a danish while laying in bed.  We watched some DVR’d shows that we hadn’t had time to get caught up on until almost noon.  It was great!!   We took showers without being interrupted, and enjoyed every minute of the peace and quiet.

We miss them when they aren’t here and it really is strange to walk by their bedrooms and know they aren’t here.   When they did arrive home about 2pm, I was busy fixing a big Sunday family dinner.  (which is something I remember from my childhood that I have tried to pass on to my kids).

I think all parents need a kid free night every so often.  It really does help to recharge the drained batteries of our minds and hearts.  After all doesn’t the old saying go, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.   Well it sure does for us!!


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