A big Thanks to YOU, the viewers!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who reads my blog, or has liked or commented on my Facebook page associated with this blog.  Because without you I think I would have given up on my dream to write a long time ago.  Life gets in the way sometimes of what I want to do, and I know it does for everyone else too.  I often feel like “a fart in a skillet” (as my husband would say of someone who is just all over the place).   LOL    I feel as if I am always in triage mode, putting out fires and doing my best to make all aspects of my life seem to be in some semblance of order.

Trying to keep up with everyday life and my desire to get my blog to get more viewership, as well as getting better at writing has really been difficult.  I feel like I am selfish if I am just posting and expecting people to read and comment, without returning the kindness to everyone who supports, encourages and follows me and my life happenings that I share here and on Facebook.   I have met so many wonderful online friends and bloggers who I have learned so much from these past few months since I decided to really make a go at blogging.   I have notes and starts of blog posts that I haven’t finished because I don’t want them to be too ‘wordy’ or boring.   Many times lately I have ideas for a post but get stumped on a title for it so it never even gets started.   Does this happen to anyone else?  Or am I just a spaz who can’t think of a catchy title EVER, to draw more people to my blog?

I think I am funny, and I do try to fit in but often times I do not fit in the way I think I should or how I envision what ‘fitting in’ is.  Does that even make sense?   Am I crazy?   Am I just so self conscious about what others think about me that I am blocking my own creative genius?

Hmmm….perhaps I am on to something.  I feel like I spend so much time talking myself out of writing something in fear of being judged negatively.  Sure I can say I don’t give a rats ass about how others view me, but if I am to be completely honest, I do care how people see me.   Especially when it comes to opening up my heart and mind to strangers to be judged.   Logically I know and have read from other successful bloggers that you just have to keep writing!!  I have given this advice to those who want to start a blog of their own.  Just keep writing and things will evolve into what you want it to be.   Easy to give that advice, but so much harder to take for myself.

So I am going to be more kind to myself and just write.  Whatever it happens to be, however imperfect.  After all it is the name of my blog.  Time to practice what I preach so to speak!   I can do this!!  I can do anything I set my mind to!!

I want this blog to be successful, and for that to happen I must put more time and focus into it.  I can do this.  As Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live would say……

stuart smalley

4 thoughts on “A big Thanks to YOU, the viewers!

  1. That’s just the way it goes. Creativity has to ride on an open road. There are enough barriers to living honestly without imposing more on ourselves. I think you may have struck the mother load, Your Brave Imperfectness!


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