Birthday Awesomeness

Is Awesomeness even a word?  Well it is now!


In our family we celebrate birthday’s in a very special way.  The birthday girl or boy gets to choose what their birthday meal will be.  The meal can be any meal throughout the day, breakfast, lunch or dinner and whether or not it is a home cooked meal or if we go out to a favorite restaurant.  More often than not, our kids choose to have me make something that I make regularly that they love.  Homemade mac and cheese is often a major fav.   We don’t do big parties very much, because we love to spend time just being together.   I don’t know if we are typical or not, but it works for us.

With that said, today is my 48th birthday!!   Since my birthday falls on a Monday this year we decided to celebrate this past Saturday so that we can all be together when there isn’t work or school to limit our celebration!   That would just be wrong to put a limit on the birthday awesomeness!!

This year our oldest daughter and granddaughter spent the night so that they would wake up and the celebration would begin and go throughout the day!!   Shelby (our oldest) got up and baked fresh lemon poppyseed muffins w/ a sumptuous lemon glaze.  She brought a tray into our bedroom with fresh OJ, muffins and steaming mugs of hot coffee, for both myself and my hubby!   It was so delicious and quite relaxing just sitting in bed sipping coffee and watching Saturday morning cooking shows.  (Which is something i just love to do every Saturday morning).    We had some special play time with our granddaughter who is 6 months old today, on my birthday.   I love that her half birthday is on my birthday, it just makes our bond just that much sweeter.

Since I get to pick the meal and the kind of cake that I want for my celebration, I chose to have my husband grill ribeye steaks.  (he is the grillmaster in our house).  I also chose salad and twice baked potato skins that we found at Costco while shopping a couple of weeks ago. YUM!  They are quite tasty and everyone loves them.    My cake was made by my oldest daughter and it was found on FB, it is and Easy Italian Cream Cake .   Dinner was amazing, and the cake, was superb!  She did a great job on it and I even had some for breakfast on Sunday and it was even better if that is possible!!  🙂

My gifts were all so thoughtful and wonderful too.  My hubby knows just how much I love to cook, and some people would be upset getting cookware or kitchen gadgets for a gift, but not me!!   This year he got me two more pieces of La Creuset as well as silicone spatulas and a great silicone trivet also from La Creuset!  I love this stuff.  I have a few pots already and they are just amazing to work with.  One of these days we will figure some way for me to store and display them better in the kitchen.  🙂   He also bought me a beautiful black pea coat that fits so perfectly I couldn’t have picked out a better coat.   He so gets me!!!  My kids got me some amazing gifts too.  I got this funky cool gadget called Amope.  It is an awesome, battery operated foot file.  I will never have dry, cracked heels again!!   I got an NRA shooters bag for when we go target shooting!   The cards they all gave me, had me tearing up and emotional.  Such sweet words of love from everyone!!

Hubby also got me this behemoth bottle of Grey Goose Vodka!!  10858633_1501770253445997_18740813570147296_n

I have never seen a bottle this big ever!!  🙂

Another blessing on my birthday weekend is that I got to talk to my sister on the phone.  She, as most of you know is fighting cancer and last Wednesday she had a major surgery where they removed her tumor from her pelvis, along with her bowel, and she now has a colostomy.  She has been in ICU but got her breathing tube out a few days ago.  Just hearing her gravelly voice (from the tube), was just the best thing ever!!

So today is my official day of birth, but this weekend has been a spectacularly great celebration.  I am truly blessed and appreciative for everything!!

Tonight I top off my day with our son’s marching band/ jazz band concert at the high school.  Can’t wait to hear him play, I know he has been working hard on his parts.  🙂

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