My take on Faith


I admit that I had a very long post about what I think of religion and spirituality.  I erased it.  It was long and ranty and I just felt like a hypocrite writing about something I do not know enough about to comment on.

But,  I can offer my own opinion and express how I view my own version of faith and spirituality.


Although I do not currently attend a weekly church service I consider myself a very spiritual person, and I do believe in God and I have Faith!

I have Faith in :

  •  good over evil
  •  light over darkness
  •  positive energy vs. negative
  •  love over hate.
  • the power of prayer

Believing one way or another is subjective based on your upbringing, culture and history.  I was raised a Methodist.  I can honestly say I don’t know as much as I would like to about my denomination.  I do not know much about other denominations except for what I have experienced in my childhood when I attended different churches.  I am of Christian faith with lots of aspects of other religions mixed in.


Being Christian means different things to different people, just as the bible is interpreted in many different ways in order to conform or fit the purpose of one denomination or another.   I have met many so called “Christian” people who do not believe what I believe.  They are for or against people based on color, sexual orientation and the list goes on and on.   Their religion dictates that they think this way.  So basically through their eyes we are all judged based on a certain criteria, whatever that may be for each individual denomination and religion.

So I pose these questions……

Are not all human beings equal?

What makes one way right or wrong?

I do not know bible verses off the top of my head but I get the gist of what I learned in Sunday School and church.


For Christians isn’t the long and short of it to be more like JESUS!!  Essentially isn’t that the basic core message??  To love and treat people as Jesus did?

Be like Jesus!!  Jesus loved everyone from the leper to the prostitute, the single mother to the thief.  So why is it many find it hard to be accepting of others because they think differently?    Because someone from a certain religious group, or race does something negative does it mean that every person from that religion or race?   I don’t believe that every person is bad because of “some” of the radicals.   Every group religious or not had radicals.  But we mustn’t judge and entire culture for being wrong for doing what they believe is right.  It goes for all people religious or otherwise.


I know I have posed more questions than answered them but if we don’t question things, how will we learn??   *I know….more questions*

What we do have is FAITH!!

Do you??

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