My Blessings and Things to be Thankful For

Life sometimes gets in the way.   I had started the 100 days of happy and it seems when I start something like this, for some reason things pop up and I end up ditching the idea due to life getting in the way.   Perhaps I allow life to get in the way, either way stuff happens and I apologize to those who have been following for that reason.

But in light of all of that, I have decided to compile a list of a few things I am blessed with and thankful for in my life.  So here goes!!


I AM THANKFUL FOR…………………………………………………….

  •   My husband, who always stands beside me through good and bad.  He encourages me to do my best and to pursue my dreams.  He praises me when I succeed and picks me up when I fall.
  •  Our oldest daughter.  Despite her teen years being wrought with rebellion she has become a young woman I am proud of.  She is a great mom to our granddaughter and is learning lessons everyday on how to become the best person she can be.
  •  Our son.  He is an intelligent, kind, sensitive and very talented teenager. Despite not always thinking before he acts or says something, he is a gentle soul who tries his hardest to please all around him.
  • Our youngest daughter.  She is bossy and outspoken, but is also intelligent, sensitive, sweet and loving.
  • Our granddaughter.  She is such a happy and healthy baby.  She just smiles at me and my heart smiles and feels like it could burst from the love I have for this little girl.
  •  My family, even the ones who I haven’t had contact with in a long time.  They are all part of my life even if we aren’t actively in each others worlds.
  •  My mom, for challenging me as a young adult and pushing me towards independence.  I discovered who I wanted to be and can be proud of the fact that I accomplished it all without assistance.
  • My sister, who paved the way for me with her wild child ways when we were young.  She is 2 years younger than I but she has always been braver and more daring than I ever could be.
  •  My two nieces who I love dearly, even though we haven’t seen one another in many years we have kept in contact via social media and I am proud of all of their accomplishments.
  • Our home.  I love our home and all it has come to symbolize for our family.  A new beginning of warmth, comfort, beauty, space, and most of all LOVE and togetherness.   I know it is only a ‘place’ but, this place is a dream come true and the love that we fill it with means so much.
  • My friends.  I may not have lots of ‘real life’ friends but the ones I do have are very dear to me.  I have always been a quality vs. quantity person.   These friends are amazing in every way and my life is better for knowing them.
  • My Facebook friends.  I have friends all over the country, thanks to social media and I love getting to know new people. Even if we never meet in person it is nice to find someone who ‘gets it’.
  • My health.  I am pretty healthy and capable of many things.  Some I struggle with due to back issues but I do my best and try to keep positive despite my limitations.

These are but a small list of my blessings…I am thankful for the sunshine, birds, flowers, trees and animals.  I feel so blessed to have such love in my life that I just feel like there isn’t much else needed if you have Love, respect and you not only accept those things in your life but also share those things with others.

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