Day 2 of 100 Days of Happy – Letting Go


It seems as if Winter has arrived to my neck of the woods.  Quite abruptly too I might add, but it is here.  I have no control over the weather so I will work on not getting annoyed at it.  I am finding more and more that when I let go of the things I do not have control over, that I have an easier time being a more, ‘glass half full’ kind of person.

let go of what you can't change

We each have limited control.  We only control our own actions, words and attitudes.  I read someplace what others think about us is none of our business.  This was an eye opener at a time when I was going through some issues with someone who was talking negatively about my parenting.   It was from someone I thought actually cared about me, but came to find out they didn’t care as much as I thought.  It isn’t easy to not take those things seriously. I am not perfect by any means, but I know that particular person parented differently than I did.   I would never judge someones methods of parenting because every child is different and needs different approaches.   I eventually cut ties with the person, but it haunted me for a long time.  Until, one day my husband reminded me that we are good parents and that it didn’t matter what anyone else thought.

Our kids were healthy, safe, clothed, fed, going to school, and most of all loved by us!   That was all I needed to hear.

So I challenge all who read this to let go of something you have no control over right now!    I hate to admit that this song really is apropos for this post, but it hits the nail on the head!


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