Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

can you be happy 100days

There is so much negative energy in the world.  More and more everyday!  I read news stories about children being abused, beaten and murdered.  Young people are plugged into so many electronics that some lack the ability to have a conversation face to face.  (I know my kids are lacking despite our efforts to teach them as well as limiting access).   Our children can’t go outside and play in their own yards because there are people who want to snatch them and harm them.  People in positions of authority abusing that position for personal gain.  Single parents working their asses off for barely minimum wage to feed, clothe and shelter their children.  Our elections are bought with tainted money, and our elected officials are then managed by the crooks who paid their way into office.  Our climate has changed drastically, animal species are being forced from their native land so that another condo complex or shopping mall can go in it’s place.   These are just a few examples!

I know the world we live in isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses, but, I do feel strongly that every bit of positive we can put back out into the universe has to help to overcome the negative.   In my own life I have complained about things that are so trivial and I have to remind myself just how lucky and blessed I am.  I am pretty healthy, I have the most amazing husband who supports and encourages me.  My kids are all healthy and happy.  I have a healthy, happy granddaughter. I have a beautiful home in a great town.  I have just so much to be thankful for and so many do not have these things.  Yes there is evil in the world.  Yes there are still diseases out there that we must immunize against.  There are diseases there is no ‘immunization’ for, cancer, diabetes, etc… but we must keep fighting and never give up hope!!  Really that is what it is all about right?   HOPE!!   We must never ever give up hoping for a cure, hoping for answers, hoping for positive to overcome negative!

But, I do believe that if more people just changed their thought process slightly and tried to find the ‘silver lining’, ‘lesson’, or ‘blessing in disguise’ for the negative things that go on day to day that maybe, just  maybe each of us can turn our own time on this planet into a positive one.  I believe we can impact other lives positively just by being positive.

(Do you think I used the word ‘positive’ enough in this post??  LOL)

As many of you know I am the admin of my Facebook page.  This page is where I can go to be silly or say the stuff that I just don’t put out there on my personal page.  (Although most of it overlaps anyway).  But, I digress.  On my page I have started doing a 100 Days of Happy.   It is in the same vein as my Zen page I started (but obviously haven’t done anything with yet, oops).

I thought I might try to do it on my blog as well.  I figured it might give me a boost everyday, and who knows sometimes someone else benefits.   I also think it will help for me to ‘get in the habit’ of posting daily and develop my writing skills more quickly.

So here goes!

happy meter

I am going to shoot for 100 days at first and move on from there.   Please feel free to join in and add something that might be making you happy on a particular day, I love comments and would love to read what makes you happy!!

HAPPINESS is contagious….Spread that stuff all around!!   🙂

4 thoughts on “Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

  1. What a wonderful idea!

    It’s hard to change our thinking process but if we open our eyes to the good around to us and choose to focus on it, we could create the change we want to see. And if we cannot find something to be happy or thankful for-then we should create it 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I am so glad you liked my post. I am by no means happy every second of every day, not by a long shot but if even for a brief period each day I can feel happy about something, then I think over all happiness is possible.


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