Changing Ourselves, For Ourselves

journey               I am embarking on a journey, two journey’s in fact!   Exciting right?

Maybe it isn’t technically two separate journey’s since they both lead to a similar result, me becoming more healthy and less anxious.  Working on ourselves is hard.  It isn’t fun and often times we don’t have the support or encouragement we think we need at any given moment.   I am very lucky in that respect, I do have support and encouragement!  Lots of it in fact!  But, I also know what it is like to not have any encouragement and be on a journey to change for the better all alone.  It is scary even in the most ideal conditions.  Change is hard!  There are going to be setbacks, I will have to remind myself of this always because, they happen to everyone.  I believe it will totally be worth the effort to work on becoming healthier and more mindful.

Anxiety is not fun, I hate that feeling when your heart is just pounding and you feel all shaky inside and can’t stop the endless loop of worry or fretting, mostly over things I have no control over.  I was born a worrier, and now I want to become a warrior over worry!!  I also no longer wish for food or emotional attachments to food to loom over my life.  I have no desire to be a supermodel so I don’t think I have any false expectations there.   I would like to have less pain, I would like to work at eating to live and not using food as a way to punish or reward myself.   I have done that way too long and it is time to stop.

I am not a Spring chicken, I am coming up on my 48th year and I am hoping that by the time I turn 50 I will be not only healthier in my body but also in my mind.   Changes do not happen overnight.  There is no timeline for how long it takes each person to achieve a goal.   We are all different, all special, all amazing in our own way.   Our bodies work differently.

create a journey

I didn’t want my blog to change directions but instead enhance it, so, I have started two new tabs up top to share these journey’s with you all.  I hope you will take a minute and check them out.  Visit often and see what is going on.  Hopefully I can share something with you that will make you think or feel something that impacts your life in a positive way.

I love to hear stories and have people share their journey as well so don’t forget to comment and share my story if you think it will help others.

I love comments so please leave a reply

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