Changing like the seasons

I have been absent from blogging for a short while.

Life sometimes gets in the way it seems.

Seasons changing, lives changing and leaves drifting off the trees.


But I am back at it with many thoughts, ideas and pictures to share.

Soon it will be fireplaces, hot cocoa, mulled cider and thermal underwear season.


I miss Summer sunshine, warm on my face and body. I miss the sound of children playing outside, splashing in the pool.


Alas, I know that the seasons must change even if I do not want them to.

Autumn has it’s own beauty with the colors shining brightly in mid day sunshine.  The cool crisp evenings around a fire, toasting marshmallows and going to Friday night football games at the high school.   Wrapped in a hoodie, to cheer our boys on to victory.

Motorcycle rides down long, winding country roads where you can see the harvesters bringing in the beans and corn.  You can smell the soil mixed with the leather of your coat.


So as one season ends, another begins.  Not just outside my window but inside my mind.  The season to get working on the projects I have put off is here.

  • Writing daily, no matter how short or trite I think my thoughts are.  I must stop judging my own work and just put it out there.
  • Losing weight and regular exercise has eluded me also lately and it is time to get that moving along as well.  I am sure this will mean more tasty, healthier treats for my recipe tab.
  • Sewing and crochet projects that I have pinned that I just haven’t even started yet.
  • Possibly a writing course online so that I may learn to take my thoughts and weave them into a great blog.

What kinds of things do you plan to do this Fall and Winter?

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