Fall is upon us again!


Fall is here again, with crisp, cool days.  The smell of leaves that have fallen from the trees wafting through the air.  Even though Summer is my favorite of all the seasons, Fall holds a special place in my heart as well.   We wind down a bit on our busy a go-go lives and start the process of hibernation.   For us that means having a load of firewood brought over and stacking it neatly out on the patio for easy retrieval all Winter.  It also means backyard fire pits, toasting marshmallows and making S’mores!!   To some, it is all things pumpkin flavored, but not me.  I don’t like many pumpkin flavored foods, except pumpkin pie, and who doesn’t like pie!!

pumpkin pie

I think back to when I was younger, say in my 20’s and 30’s and to be honest, I never took the time to take all the wonders in the way I do now.  The way the leaves changed from vibrant green to yellow, red, orange and becoming dry and falling onto the ground, where there they make a crunching sound when you walk on them.  I don’t remember the earthy smell of damp leaves after a rain, but I smell it now.   The feeling of cool air brushing my cheeks when I step outside the house.  It is the changing of the seasons I seemed to have taken for granted in my younger years.  I always felt like I was too busy to even glance at subtle changes in our environment.   But, as the years go by, I find more and more that I am noticing the little things.  Is this a sign of aging?


Being out on my hubby’s motorcycle this past week has been eye-opening.  Even more than if we took a drive in the car.  It is like you become ONE with the world.   You get to feel the air around you, smell the harvest as it is being taken in from the fields.  Even the smell of manure as it is being applied to fields after they are harvested.   It is all surreal at times, yet peaceful and calming.  With the thrum of the engine roaring beneath us, the warmth of my husbands body in front of me, and just the joy that radiates through him, and into my soul is just amazing!  I wish I had a better word, but amazing works!

I may have to change my favorite season to Fall after this one, so far it has been incredible!


What is your favorite season?

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