Zen Things

zen flowers


Do it slowly and deliberately,

Do it completely,

Do one thing at a time,

Do less,

Put space between things,

Develop rituals,

Designate time for certain things,

  Devote time to sitting,

Think about what is necessary,

Live simply.


 With many people being so busy these days and over committing themselves in every direction, I thought it would be nice to just post the list above.  We all, as humans need time to rejuvenate our minds, bodies and souls.   As adults we have jobs, meetings, kids, households and so many other responsibilities (too numerous to list).  In my opinion our kids are growing up to be over scheduled people as well.  Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t volunteer or share your time and talents to causes you are passionate about.  Without volunteers for many things we wouldn’t have some of the amazing organizations that we have today.   But, I believe that we do need to give ourselves and our children some time to just be still.  Re-charge our internal batteries and allow positive into our minds and souls so that we may nurture our loved ones and our planet.  Listen to birds sing, take a walk/hike and revel and in the beauty out in the world.   I believe that we can all appreciate and advocate for our planet more if we just take a bit of time and be in it, quietly, watching and listening.

Think of it this way, we can’t know what to do when our children get sick unless we look and listen.  We must take inventory of symptoms and treat from there.   Why would taking care of the planet not be the same?   We must listen and look at what our planet is telling us.  It is gasping for air and becoming feverish!!   What can you do as just one person?   Will it make a difference?

If we all work at it together then it does make an impact.  There is a saying I have heard and used from time to time.

 ” When there is a big job to be done, Many hands make light work!”  

I am paraphrasing of course but you get the idea.  We must all look and listen in order to see and hear what this crazy, over-scheduled lifestyle is doing to not only our bodies but to our planet and our future existence here.

Slow down, breathe, be still and be Zen!  

zen frog

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