Today I want to write a bit about “Revenge”.

Are you the kind of person who takes revenge on others?

My own personal opinion is that revenge doesn’t change anything for the positive!  I say this not because I haven’t been hurt or screwed over before.  I have been hurt way to many times and have been treated like shit by people who I thought wouldn’t do that to me.   It sucks to be on the receiving end of hurt and heartbreak.

Having someone say they are your friend and doing the exact opposite, ex’s who take no responsibility in the failing of the relationship, family members who can’t see the forest through the trees and sticking up for someone who is doing wrong….Oh I have been there buddy, more times than I care to even admit!!

I guess that is why I try to just take things as they come and look at each experience as a chance to learn more about myself.  The old saying that Revenge is Sweet seems wrong to me.  Is it sweet?   Who is it sweet for?   Basically you are stooping to the level of the person who you are taking revenge on.  Perpetuating the circle of negative behavior never helps anyone.  Every experience in our lives is meant to teach us something.  We may not know what it is at the time but hopefully we learn the lesson without further pain and heartache.

In my 47 (almost 48) years I have come to realize that the more negative we put out into the world, the more that comes back.   My thinking as of late is to send as much positive into the universe as I can.  No matter what!!  Depending on the level of hurt it can be so hard to find that small thing to be thankful for, but we must keep looking for things to be thankful for.  No matter how small, positive seems to add up and multiply.  It takes changing our own mindset to being to see positive things in our own world.   We are after all humans with flaws…..all of us are flawed in some way.   My husband has been quite instrumental in teaching me that nobody is perfect and because we are not perfect we each have a responsibility to be accepting of people in general.   His saying is, “We all have our little smells”   We can’t change the way someone else “smells” but we can change the way we smell.

Being kind to everyone!

It doesn’t mean you have to spend copious amounts of time with that person who is being an Asshat or even be friends with them!!  But being an asshole back doesn’t solve anything, just makes you look like an asshole.

Spend your energy on positive things and those you love and who love and respect you back.

Does this mean I never have wished for someone to feel the pain I have felt?   No…I have had plenty of times when I have wished that the person who hurt me would realize just how badly it feels to be treated as they treated me.  I know logically they probably won’t feel anything because it is just how they are.  Emotionally we all want to be justified and feel as if the playing field has been leveled.

In the end I don’t wish bad things on them, because some people are just narcissists and it wouldn’t faze them in the least.  They would just turn it around and make it seem like it was my fault that they hurt me.   *that is what they do after all*  


I will be sharing this on Sunday Confessions at More than Cheese and Beer’s Blog  Hope you will go and check it out there along with some other great posts she has.  🙂



One thought on “Revenge

  1. I appreciate your well written blog. Yes like you I’ve questioned and thought about if I didn’t turn the other cheek. But your right revenge isn’t sweet. I’d rather spread the positivity and let karma take care of everything else. 😊

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