Be Ye Not Afraid

The title of this post pretty much sums it up doesn’t it?

“Be Ye Not Afraid”!

This little 4 word saying is my husbands favorite saying as of late.  The first time he said it I was skeptical because I knew he was just trying to ease my fears and anxieties about something or another I was getting worked up about.

I have lots of little things I get anxious about you can see a few of them on my post about  Anxiety.

“Be Ye Not Afraid”!

After repeating this to myself a few times I realized that this is genius!!  We can have faith in things we have no proof of. Why can’t we have a mantra or saying that helps calm us during those times we feel lost and out of control?

“Be Ye Not Afraid”!

These 4 simple words have helped me more than I can even admit.  When things feel out of control.   Especially over things I have ZERO control over!   I simply repeat those 4 little words in my head repeatedly until I start to feel more calm when I can think less emotionally and more logically.

“Be Ye Not Afraid”!

Try it some time, it just might help you like it has helped me!

One thought on “Be Ye Not Afraid

  1. Fear is the greatest force preventing us from living our lives as fully realized beings. It can be arrived at as irrationally as baseless faith which can be equally crippling. They are both impediments in the quest for knowledge. To thine own self be true. Consider your dream always and therein find the peace you seek. Be ye not afraid.

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