My Hero…My Sister!!

Just look at that face!

My sister Tobi is 2 years younger than I, but as far back as I can remember she has been my hero!  How can that be since she is younger?   Well she is my hero because our entire lives she has always been the strong one!  I have always been more timid and avoided confrontation.  Tobi on the other hand….she is fierce!!  You don’t mess with someone she cares about because, literally, she will kick your ass!!   She has certainly kicked mine a time or two… I deserved it though for aggravating her.

Right now my sister is beginning the fight of her life, for her life.  Tobi has cancer.  This is not her first go round with it either.  She had breast cancer several years ago and fought it to remission twice.  She had been doing so well.


She has always worked so hard to take care of her two daughters, my beautiful nieces.

She has struggled through so many difficult things in her life.  She has always come out the other side stronger.  She works hard to be sure everyone else is taken care of.  While never asking for anything for herself.  She is, in my opinion, the epitome of selfless human being!   When she told me a couple of weeks ago that she had been having a lot of pain and just couldn’t bear it anymore I was nervous but didn’t know that she was already aware of the mass.  She went to her personal doctor and they immediately sent her to an oncologist who specializes in gynecology.   She had to wait a week before she could get in and they gave her some pain medicine and help ease the pain she was already experiencing.  All this time she was working hard at her job despite the crippling pain that sent her to bed as soon as she got home each day.

Fast forward to yesterday, which is about 10 days since she went to see the specialist.  From what she had told me previously she was going to get this mass removed and have a hysterectomy simultaneously.   But alas they could not do her surgery and they could not even knock her out to take a biopsy of the mass.   She recieved two blood transfusions before they could even do the biopsy due to her hemoglobin being so low.

The biopsy came back and it is cancer!  That awful C word that I, and so many others, despise with every ounce of our being.  We had an aunt who died from cervical cancer back when we were both quite young.   It was awful to watch our once vibrant aunt withering away and being so very sick.

Now I haven’t seen my sister in person in many years.  Neither of us could really afford to travel at all.  So we keep in touch via phone and Facebook.   I have told her many times that she is my hero and she just brushes it off.   But truly she is absolutely the BRAVEST person I know.  Even though I am scared for her and for her girls, I have to believe that all will be well and that she will fight this as hard as she possibly can.   She won’t give up or give in because that is not who she is.

I love my sister and I hate cancer!  I am sad because we are so far away. I know that she is in competent hands.  What I can do is pray and have faith that she will beat this.   I am sending every bit of positive energy and light I can muster out into the universe for her. I have asked for others to do the same.  As we all know there is power in numbers.   I hope she can FEEL the love from every person who has and hasn’t ever met her, willing her to be well.  Praying for God to intervene and perform a miracle to save this beautiful, selfless and loving soul!


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