Yes…I said hockey!!

I LOVE HOCKEY!!! There I said it. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved ice skating and hockey. I remember watching the Winter Olympics and seeing Dorothy Hamil out there spinning and twirling and I was mesmerized! I wanted to be like her. I begged my mom for the “Dorothy Hamil” haircut and I figured I was on my way to being the next skating star. I even took a few figure skating lessons around that time. I say only a few because honestly I think I was just to “big” to be a figure skater. I wasn’t very graceful and I just felt awkward. Then there was a youth hockey team who I used to stay and watch play after “Open Skate” time was over at the local city rink.

I had uncles and cousins who played ice hockey but they were all guys so I asked if I could play and my mom let me for a little while. (We couldn’t afford all the equipment) But I did get to play goalie for a short while just basically for practices before I had to quit. 😦

It was a sad day!! But my love for Hockey never went away. I went many years not watching hockey because I had moved away and we don’t have a team here in Iowa and there was no way I was going to be unfaithful to my Boston Bruins. The only teams close by were rivals Chicago and St. Louis.

But when I told my hubby about my love for Hockey and got him to watch a game, he then was all aboard the hockey train!!! 🙂 We went to Boston last October for a visit to see my family and meet up with some of my old friends!! I planned the trip so we got to see lots of great Boston landmarks since he had never been that far East before. I got us tickets to a Boston Bruins Hockey game!! We took the kids and also met up with two of my dearest and closest friends for the game. It was amazing….we had great seats and even though they lost that night it is a night I will never forget.

So with hockey season approaching I am looking forward to watching games on TV via our computer. Although I do love to watch football……hockey will always be my first love!! A goal of mine is to someday be able to be strong enough to skate again and just be able to go someplace and shoot some pucks into the net!!

Do you have a favorite sport? One you just can’t live without in your life….I do and it is Boston Bruins Hockey!!

Family trip to Boston October 2013!! Hubby and kids very 1st Hockey game!!

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