Who am I and why am I here?

Today begins my Blogging 101 course.  My first assignment is to write a post about Who I am and Why I am here!!  Should be simple right?

Let’s see…where do I begin?  Let’s break it down.


Me and baby Felicity just a few weeks old!!
The love of my life!!
The love of my life!!

I am a wife.  I am married to my best friend on this Earth. (pictured below)  We have been together for 5 years and married for almost 3.  He is a semi-retired pharmacist and he is my rock, my strength, my courage, and he supports and encourages me in all that I aspire to do and be!!  ❤    You can read more about our love story here….


The mad scientist!!
The mad scientist!!   Halloween 2013 I love this photo, it just cracks me up!!

I am a mother to 3 beautiful children!!  Who at times test my limits of sanity and often times make me say bad words!!  But we are blessed to have great kids who are healthy and happy!!

My oldest daughter who will be 21.
my son who is 14
my son who is 14
Our youngest is 11
Our youngest is 11

I am also a grandmother but I like to be referred to as NANA, to a beautiful 3 month old granddaughter!  This little bundle of joy makes me smile every time I see her!!  She has brought such blessings to our lives.

10685601_10202636952904402_3493576905932575111_n I am also a stay at home mom formerly a CNA in a nursing home until my back decided to blow out a disc requiring surgery about 4 years ago.  I haven’t been the same since but we all have our good days and bad days right?   No sense in complaining about it because it won’t change anything.   I love my life and my family, none of us are perfect but we all love each other just the same.

I have many things that interest me but not really one or two specific ones that I can honestly say is my Passion, but blogging is definitely high up on the list.  I also enjoy cooking, photography, quilting, crocheting, reading, swimming and just spending time making memories and laughing with my friends and family.  Hubby and I have gotten into target shooting and that is just a huge amount of fun, and he just bought a motorcycle so we can spend time traveling and day tripping just the two of us on the open road.  As the kids get older we are gaining more freedom to do things just the two of us!

The second part of the question is…..


Sharing is caring!!

I love to share ideas, recipes, funny stories, photos and whatever else comes to mind.  I have always been an “oversharer” (is this even a word?)  I know for me I like to read about “ordinary” people and their stories.  Life is just too short to waste it on celebrity and fame.

I want REAL!!

I am REAL!!

Please feel free to comment, I LOVE comments!!    🙂

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